The Business Leadership Lines of Chip Conk


Chip Conk is indeed a leader in his own way. The literacy that he gained were contributing factors to polish the flaws but it is evident with his critical mind and exaggerated enthusiasm over work and trading that he would one day lead one of these industries. His first-hand leadership experience was his very own company that he founded together with his siblings named Day Dream Publishing that specializes in producing personalized calendars that have grown rapidly and quickly. It even reached and invaded different designs, which were popular to kids where the world of animation and animated characters for Warner Bros and Disney has been presented to them.

It became a strong core for Chip Conk, especially when he finally decided to sell the Day Dream Publishing in 1997 and focused in Real Estate catering to medical properties. He employed people and started the acquisition process for old properties, renovation, and leasing. He named his company as Montecito Property Company that had an outstanding growth and profit at its launch amounting to $1.7 billion. In fact, this is recognized as the second most reputable real estate industry in the United States for two consecutive years, 2005 to 2006. He is now appointed as the president of the Medical Real Estate and a chief executive at the same time.



Success Secrets of a Multi-National Entrepreneur

Hello I can tell you after founding successful businesses in Europe & here in the United States, sorry, but the fact is that there’s no secrets, most of it is common sense, with a small little bit of luck added, being in the right place at the right time & surrounding yourself with a whole bunch of individuals who are better than you, at doing what they do best, & a whole boat load of hard work.

But there’s some specific elements that I have done that fly in the face of the business norm that made serious differences in the businesses that I founded & grew to a national size, & that is what my latest keynote session is all about apartments for rent in new york. The things, the items, the areas of business that in the event you dare to incorporate them in to yours, will buck the established order, & give you , an abnormally serious chance of success.

Let’s start at the beginning, why the heck do you even need to start a business,So that is the very first query you need to answer to yourself, & sometimes this has to be a deep down answer… “Why do I need to start this business”? & the answer better be something other than “So I can make plenty of money”, because I can assure you that you are doomed to failure within a short timeframe, & for plenty of reasons.

Here’s a short story about a mate of mine who is a very successful entrepreneur & is a widely known speaker who was flying from his home in LA to New York & arrived after taking the red eye at Kennedy around 6 in the morning. He collected his bags & went outside to receive a cab for a ride to Manhattan, & got on line & walked towards the shiny black town automobile that the that runs things at JFK told him to. So far so lovely. That is when things get very fascinating.

It is about your mindset, your character, knowing the difference between your want’s & needs & the desire to become the very best at what you do for a living.

Cord Blood Stem Cells are the Best Source of Stem Cells


Regenerative medicine is a field of medical research developing treatments to repair or re-grow specific tissue in the body. There are increasing focus on regenerative medicine research because a person’s own or autologous cord blood stem cells can be safely infused back into that individual without being rejected by the body’s immune system. Cord blood cells also have unique characteristics compared to other sources of stem cells. Research in this field that has the potential to revolutionize medicine is advancing rapidly. Medical practitioners and researchers are making significant progress evaluating the safety and efficacy of umbilical cord blood stem cells for therapeutic uses far beyond their primary use for cancers and blood disorders. The use of cord blood stem cells in treating conditions such as brain injury and Type 1 Diabetes is already being studied in humans.

Cord blood transplants entail less stringent matching between the tissue types of the donor and patient, known as their HLA types or Human leukocyte antigen. Bone marrow transplants require a complete match on six key antigens, known as a 66 match. Cord blood transplants however, achieve the same medical success with only a 46 match. A person’s HLA type is inherited from both parents, so siblings are particularly likely to be a match, and people from the same ethnic heritage are more likely to match. Studies have found that allogeneic transplants have better outcome when the donor and patient are related since, in addition to those six key antigens, a lot of other antigens match. For parents, private storage at birth of stem cells from both cord blood and cord tissue offer more options for future medical use. The odds is 25 percent that two siblings will have the 66 match required for a bone marrow transplant. The odds that two siblings will have the 46 match which is required for a cord blood transplant are 39 percent. Numerous clinical trials are using cord blood cells derived from the bone marrow of adult volunteers to treat heart disease, stroke, bone disease and injury, and autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and Crohn’s Disease.